About me

Hi There!! I wish to extend a warm welcome to my Virtual Kitchen!!

I am Nandita. I am the author, photographer, Recipe developer/ taster of Paaka-Shaale. Apart from this, I am a mother, wife, a yoga enthusiast, wild life lover and an ever willing traveller. I am a true blue Indian and presently living in the Beautiful Kenya. 

I am extremely passionate about food. I firmly believe that food is much more than just a means to fuel our bodies. To me, it is a means to nourish my mind and soul as well. Consuming food is one of those profound and intimate acts where we are actually consuming energy sources from nature which actually becomes a part of our very being. My emphasis is on vegetarian food and Paaka-Shaale features recipes from around the world that have been customized to suit the vegetarian palate. In short, this blog is a space where I combine my love for photography along with my love for cooking.

If you tried any of my recipes and liked it (even if you didn't) then feel free drop me a line. Also, do share my recipes, photographs and posts. But just be sure to credit my blog and mention that you found it here. I give credit to all my sources as well for it's the right thing to do!!!

Now let's do some cooking!!! Shall we???


  1. I loved your kurma Recipe Nandita.. Just made it.. thanks a ton!!


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