Monday, March 11, 2019

Rice Krispie Bhel

Behl- Puri- Indian-Fast-food

It's been almost two years since I have logged into this virtual kitchen of mine!! YES!!! It's been that long and I am alive!! 


Behl- Puri- Indian-Fast-food
So let me start off by saying a big Hello to all the lovely readers of Paaka-Shaale. It's been almost two years since this blog has seen any posts. So much has happened in the last two years that I really don't know where to start. First, there was this unexpected move to Bangalore. Which turned our world upside down to say the least. Along with this move came a series of challenges. One of them being Purvi's school. It was such a major challenge for us, that she had to change the school twice in one year. There were also issues with our cargo. At one point of time, I felt like my stuff was scattered all over the globe. All of this sort of left me feeling like a nomad. Even after all these days, if someone asks me if I am settled, I am not sure what to answer them. With all this happening, blogging invariably took a back seat and this virtual kitchen of mine got neglected. So neglected, that I even thought of shutting down the blog.

Behl- Puri- Indian-Fast-food

However, thanks to my family and some friends who kept bombarding me with talks of "wasted talent" and "opportunities". I pulled myself together and decided to breath a new life into this virtual kitchen of mine. So thanking the almighty and my family for everything, I am here today to share a simple yet fantastic recipe for rice krispie bhel.

As you all know Bhel Puri is a chaat and savory snack that is traditionally made with puffed rice, vegetables, sev, chutneys and peanuts. In this case however, I have replaced the puffed rice with the rice krispie cereal. The rice krispie is a breakfast cereal that snaps, crackles and pops. Unlike the puffed rice, this cereal doesn't turn soggy very fast and I believe that they retain the crunch a few minutes longer. I would also like to warn you that this version of bhel is a tad bit more addictive than the one with puffed rice. I believe that there is 99.9% chance that you will start eating from the ladle itself. But Jokes apart, lets proceed to the recipe. Shall we?? 

Behl- Puri- Indian-Fast-food

Rice Krispie Bhel recipe:
Preparation time: 20min
Cooking time: 10mins
Serves- 4

Rice Krispie- 2 cups or 240ml, lightly roasted
Flat papdi- 8-10
Red Onion- 1medium sized, finely chopped
Potato- 1 medium sized, boiled, peeled and cubed
Tomato- 1 large, deseeded and finely chopped
Roasted peanuts- 1/4cup
Green mango- 1-1/2tbspn- finely grated.
Black salt or Kaala namak- 1/2tspn or to taste
Red chili powder- 1tspn
Chaat masala- 1/2tspn
Date and Tamarind chutney- 2-3tbspn
Greeen chutney- 1tbspn
Nylon sev- 1/3 cup
Coriander leaves- 2tbspn
Lemon Juice- 1tspn

Behl- Puri- Indian-Fast-food

  • In a large bowl, combine the roasted, rice crispies along with the chopped onion, boiled onion, tomato, boiled potatoes, peanuts and grated mango and mix well.
  • Add the date tamarind chutney, green chutney, Black salt, red chili powder, and chaat masala and mix.
  • Top the mixture with Nylon sev and crushed papdi and toss. Garnish with coriander leaves and lemon juice and serve immediately.


  1. Welcome back dear... happy to see your stunning clicks again..


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