Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hampi- The city of victory

Today I am at a loss for words. No. It's not because of the writer's block that I face often. But it is because, I am unable to find words that will do justice to the grandeur and splendor of Hampi. I have visited Hampi many times. So many times that you can say that apart of my child hood was spent amidst the ruins. Since Hampi is located just 60kms from Bellary (my home town) we used to go there often. My parents would make it a point to show Hampi to any of our relatives who came visiting us.

Even as a child, I found hampi to be bewitching and unreal. There is something about those fabulously rich temples and palaces that are now in ruins. They lie scattered all over the rocky landscape amidst the boulders, the paddy fields and the blue skies. To me, This rocky landscape is a place for me to loose myself amidst the ruins and in the stories that these Stones seem to tell. Oh yes!! Each stone of Hampi has a story to tell. They tell you the story of Ramayana, Of the Bhagavatha, of it's Grandeur and of it's destruction.
If you think that Hampi is just for history buffs then you are wrong. For Hampi is more than just a temple town. Apart from visiting temples, one can indulge in activities like rock climbing, or take a hike on the Hemakuta hills. If rock climbing is a little tedious, then you can just hire a bicycle explore the town. Be it a pilgrim, or an adventurer, a seeker of peace or just a tourist, Hampi can offer something for everyone. 
Inside the Vijaya Vithala Temple
As I mentioned earlier, I have visited Hampi many times earlier. But this trip was a little different because, this was an all girl trip. Oh yes!! This time it was only me, my sister my mom, Purvi and my year old niece. During the three days, we went absolutely berserk. We giggled, laughed, yelled and talked. It was just like old times. Except that we had two more girls with us now. 
Hampi is a beautiful place with a vast cultural heritage. I feel that this temple village should be visited at least once. So without saying anything more, I will leave you with the photographs of the glorious ruins which is found in the magnificent Village called Hampi

The watch tower near the Lotus Mahal

The Lotus Mahal
The ornate doorways in the Lotus Mahal

The Elephant stables

A Trunkless Elephant near the Elephant stables

A temple in the Purandhara Vithala Temple complex

The Entrance to the Purandhara Vithala temple Complex

Ornate Pillars

The temple Pillars

The Magnificent musical pillars of the Purandhara Vitthala Temple

Some school Girls

The Light Flare

The stone Charriot- The symbol of Karnataka 

Ornate carvings on the the Gopuram

Some inscriptions

The Virupaksha temple

Some monkeys on the Gopuram of Virupaksha temple

Murals inside the Virupaksha temple

The sasive Kaalu ganesha

The Ugra Narasimha

The Badavi Linga

The outer wall of the Hazara Ramaswamy temple

Can you make out the Ramayana Here?

The rear view of the Hazara Rama swamy temple

Inside the Hazara Ramaswamy temple

The pool in the Mahanavami Dibba

An Ornate window in the queen's Bath

The queen's Bath

Some temples on the Hemakuta hill

The view of the Virupaksha Temple from the Hemakuta hills

The KadaleKalu Ganesha


  1. So beautiful and photogenic! Thanks for sharing your lovely clicks with us.



  2. I am amazed to see the grandeur of the Vijaynagar Kingdom. All the pics are amazing. Also today being Maha Shivratri it's apt that you have posted the Shivalingam picture. Excellent pics.

  3. Omg, thanks for this fabulous post.. Heard lot about this city but never had a chance to visit, seriously your pictures are real treat to eyes, thanks a ton for this virtual treat.

  4. Omg lovely post and awesome clicks :) Thanks for taking us a tour to Hampi !! very attractive captures :)

  5. Awesome pics and loved the virtual tour. I have been trying for years to make a trip to this place but somehow it never materializes.Thanks for sharing....

  6. I can see why you are speechless. I would also be. The images are stunning. It must have been great to see in person. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  7. What a beautiful capture of the city! A long-time wish to see Hampi...

  8. I'm in awe... thank you SO much for sharing these beautiful pictures with us. I don't know if or when I can visit but I truly enjoyed seeing Hampi city with you!

  9. Superb pictures, Hampi is on my list of places to visit.. Nidde baaradu innu ee janmake bidda Hampeya kandu...


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