Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kwaheri (good bye) dar es salaam

Hello my friends. I know it has been nearly a month since I posted something on my blog. I couldn't help it. Since we have decided to move to Nairobi, things have been pretty crazy out here. There was so much to be packed. So much to be left and so much more to be given away. It sure is not easy packing six years of our life. And it becomes even more difficult if you have a hyperactive toddler at your tow.

Before we decided to move to Dar, I was told that it was an under developed place, where even some basic amenities like electricity and water was difficult to get. S was really worried and he had thought that  I would have big time adjustment problems. But somehow this place took me by complete surprise. I fell in love with the place the moment I landed. There was this feeling of déjà vu that I had never experienced before.  And before I knew it I took to this place like fish to water. I loved everything about this place. From the people, the wildlife, to the virgin beaches, to the language (Swahili). I fell in love with everything. To me this place was and is a place straight from a picture book.

Now that there is just a few hours left for departure, I am feeling the pangs of sorrow. I am feeling the same sense of  remorse that I had felt while leaving Bangalore. But despite all the sorrow, there is also an excitement that comes with all things new. I just can't wait to get settled and start cooking in the new kitchen.

I have been to Nairobi before. But it was for a short duration and I was a tourist then. So I don't remember seeing much of the city except for restaurants and malls. Hence, I am leaving this place with the hope that my stay in Nairobi turns out to be as good as my stay in Dar es Salaam.

I will continue blogging once I settle down in the new place. Till then, kwaheri my friends!!!

P.S I am sorry if I am giving you an over dose of Sunsets. But this place has some gorgeous sunsets that i can't help but share.

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