Thursday, April 4, 2013

Zanzibar- a photo tour

Jambo my friends!! I am back with a post filled with photographs from my short trip to Zanzibar. For those who are not aware, we had to Zanzibar during the last weekend. It was one of the most relaxing and fun filled trips ever. I just couldn't  seem to get enough of the ocean, the waves and the white sands. Zanzibar was all of that and more.
This short trip was supposed to be all about spice tours, and on location photography. But thanks to the rains. I managed to nothing of that sort. It rained so heavily, that we were forced stay put in the resort. It was disappointing at first, but since I am one of those restless people, I just picked up my camera and decided to go on a photo walk around the resort. And believe me, the walk was one of the best things that happend during the trip. For I saw some things that I would never have seen other wise.
Apart from the photo walk, we also walked bare foot on the beach, watched the sunset from the jetty, saw the dhows sail by, collected shells along with Purvi, took a boat ride to the middle of the ocean in a small boat. This trip though unplanned was still great. We just took the day as it came. It was  relaxed and filled with laughter.
Apart from our stay in Zanzibar, the return journey was great as well. Since we were travelling In a small eighteen seat aircraft, we flew at a Very low altitude. This helped us get some of the best birds eye view of the Indian Ocean. It was nothing like we had ever seen before. Seeing the turquoise ocean from above is a different experience altogether.
Maybe I did not do a lot of things that I had hoped I would do. Maybe, I did not return with spices and curios as I had imagined I would do. But yes. I returned with a stubborn tan and. A memories that's am sure will last a lifetime.

Our onward journey was in a ferry!!

The resort was called La Gemma dell'Est

Another view in the resort

The view from our room

And it rained!!!


This place had some gorgeous sunsets

My feeble attempt at creating an HDR 

Macro shot of the mushrooms in the hollow of a tree trunk

Loved that red canoe

I had never seen an ocean bed that was so clear

Yes. The fish actually flew over the surface!!

An eel with a fish!!

The view from the jetty

Divers on a dhow

The jetty at night!!

Our wild ride in ocean which was in full spate!!

Our return journey

View of Zanzibar from above

The indian ocean

Touch down Dar es Salaam!!


  1. Wow, beautiful pictures. Maybe you were meant to have a relaxing vacation this time. Give me water (rain and ocean) and I will be the happiest person :-). That bouganvilla is so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fabulous photos... No words to describe... Just love the shot if eel with fish.. U got it perfectly...

  3. Breath taking very impressive photos, thanks for this virtual treat N, loved ur clicks,wat a fabulous vacation dear.

  4. very nice shots.. good to see you had good time

  5. Lovely pics and gorgeous place! Dreamlike...



  6. Zanzibar is beautiful -- as are your photos! Thanks for sharing them Nandita. I hope to visit one day.:)

  7. those are some amazing shots! love the color of the water and the serene beauty of the place! enjoyed the post.


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