Monday, November 19, 2012

Curried butternut squash and lentil soup

This may come as a shock to you!! But I have never been a big fan of pumpkin and butter nut squash. If you had presented me with a pumpkin or squash a few years back, I would have just turned up my nose and made a sorry face. But off late, things have changed for the better. I have developed a strong liking to these gourds. So much so that, I keep thinking of new ways to use this vegetable.
I wouldn't have thought of making this soup if the gardener/watchman of our apartment building got these two small butternut squashes. They grow on a small patch in our complex. At first I didn't know what to make out of the squashes. I let them lie in refrigerator for almost a week before coming up with this recipe.
I have come to believe that the combo butternut squash and lentils is a match made in heaven. And if these  ingredients are flavored with the humble curry powder, then the soup is taken to a different dimension all together.
This version of the butternut squash soup is fairly simple to make. All it takes is a handful of ingredients and a few minutes to whip up this delicious and rich soup. The addition of curry powder, along with the minced garlic, makes the soup spicy and hearty. The cream gives body and texture and on the whole this is a very filling soup. One bowl of this soup along with some fresh croutons can make a filling dinner for me. Try serving this soup with some Indian breads like naan or Paratha. Or just ladle this soup over a bowl of Basmati rice to make your meal more substantial.
Curried butternut squash and lentil soup recipe:
Preparation time: 20min
Cooking time: 15min

Butternut squash-1 med, peeled, deseeded and diced
Masoor dal or orange lentils- 1/3 cup
Curry powder- 2 tsp
Salt to taste
Vegetable stock- 4 cups
Cream- 2 tbsp. for garnish
Bay leaf-1
Garlic- 2 cloves, minced
Olive oil- 1 tbsp.
Pepper- 1/2 tsp
Croutons to serve

•Pressure cook the lentils for 3-4 whistles or till completely cooked and keep aside
•Heat the olive oil in a thick bottomed pan. Add the bay leaf and the minced garlic and fry till the raw smell goes.
•Add the diced butter nut squash and fry for two mins. Add the salt, curry powder and the vegetable stock, mix well and bring the mixture to a boil. Turn the heat down and allow the squash to cook covered for 15-20mins till tender.
•Discard the bay leaf and tip in the cooked lentils and mix well. Using a hand blender or food processer blitz the mixture until smooth.
•Season with pepper and serve garnished with cream and some croutons on the side.

•This soup is extremely versatile. You can add more vegetables like carrots, sweet potato or turnips along with the squash.
•To make this soup low cal, you can use thick coconut milk to garnish instead of cream.
•If you feel the mixture is thick after blending, then add more water to make the soup thin and reheat it.
•I have used the curry powder sparingly. Increase the quantity if you want to make your soup more spicy.
•This soup can also be had along side naan or any other Indian bread


  1. Soup looks so flavorful and comforting

  2. Thanks for the quick comment vimitha :)

  3. Looks so yummy!! Nice inviting clicks..

  4. nice & comforting & ideal for the tastefully presented!!
    Prathima Rao
    Prats Corner

  5. Soup looks comforting and yum.....nice presentation too....

  6. Its too chilled here N, wish i get a bowl of this super comforting,filling healthy soup for my dinner tonite.

  7. Scrumptious! That soup looks amazing and I really like this combination.



  8. I too used to turn up my nose at butternut squash...but now I love it. As does my husband. Miracles do happen!

  9. Hi! I made this soup tonight and it's delicious. One comment - it doesn't say when to add the curry powder in your instructions. I added it when I added the broth, but I thought I'd share with you in case that was wrong!



  10. Thank you so much for trying my recipe Dawn. And thanks for letting me know about the error. I have updated the post :)

  11. I can never make my husband have that soup. I like that you used lentils to it. It will make it more filling.

  12. Hi Nandita!
    I have just found your blog thanks to the Event PhotoBlog and, even when I have just had my lunch, reading your posts and having a look at your wonderful pictures make me feel hungry again.
    I will definitely keep the link of ;)


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