Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Home made fererro rocher forPurvi

I actually wanted to make this post on the 27th of Jun. That was on Purvi's birthday. But I got so held up with the celebrations that I did not have time for anything else. After that I got a bad flu that refused to go away for nearly 5 days. Even now I am not in the pink of my health. But then, I could nor delay the post further. So I pulled myself out of my blues and sat down to make this post.
As I mentioned before, Purvi turned three on the 27th of jun. Like last year, we had small get together for about ten kids and about a dozen adults. Me and S had a lot of fun planning and arranging the party. But this there was something different. Unlike the last two years, even Purvi had a lot of fun. She wasn't weepy or claustrophobic as she was during her previous birthday parties. Seeing her walking around with that twinkle in her eyes made our hearts leap. I guess all the efforts that went into the birthday party was totally worth it.

This time I thought of making something different for Purvi. Something more than just clothes and toys. That is when I decided to make these Ferrero Rocher like truffles. Actually I wanted to make them since the time I had seen the recipe here. But I was just waiting for the right occasion. And what could be a better occasion than your child's birthday. I knew she would like these as she loves chocolates (surprise!!!) Needless to say she did. But the surprising thing was, even S liked them as much as Purvi. The father daughter duo just wouldn't stop eating these. I literally had to fight them off so that I could photograph a few of them. 

This recipe for chocolate and almond balls, apart from having only five ingredients, is literally a breeze to make. The only difficult part was rolling the nutella and wafer mixture. With all that chocolate on my hands, I felt like a kid again. But apart from this, these truffles are simply fabulous!!!

Home made fererro rocher recipe
Preparation time: 45min+chilling time
Makes- 25-30 truffles

Hazelnut wafer biscuits: 100gm, crushed
Toasted almonds- 150gm, finely chopped
Nutella- 200gm
Dark chocolate- 150gm (I used bournville)
Oil- 1tbsp

  • In a large bowl, combine the chopped almonds, crushed wafers and nutella and mix well. Cover and allow the mixture to chill in the refrigerator for 30min.
  • After the mixture is chilled thoroughly, scoop out a heaped tsp of the mixture and shape them into balls. Cover and allow the balls to harden in the fridge for 30-45min
  • Melt the dark chocolate in a double boiler with oil and let it cool.
  • Using a toothpick, dip each truffle in the melted chocolate and place on a plate. After all the truffles are coated with chocolate, allow them to set in the fridge. You can either coat the truffles once or as many times as you like for a richer chocolate experience!!!


  1. This is lovely, Feel like picking one up:) belated bday wishes for Purvi.

  2. Belated birthday wishes to Purvi..Yummy Yum lovely truffles..Delectable & lovely treat!!

    Ongoing Events of Erivum Puliyum @ Palakkad Chamayal-Fenugreek Leaves OR Green Chillies

  3. Belated happy birthday to purvi, well done with the chocolates, nutella is so versatile, right?

  4. This looks both dangerous and delicious!

    Have a great 4th!
    Twitter @aSquishyMonster

  5. looks incredibly delicious and rest assured i wont be buying rochers anymore now that you ve given me this wonderful recipe

  6. Wow they came out absolutely divine, well done yaar. Cant wait to try them soon.

  7. this looks awesome.. they came out very nice

  8. They look so wonderful and yumm

  9. Making FR at home would never have crossed my mind! Great job and great idea I must say:)

  10. am bookmarking this. never thought this fav. chocolate of mine could be made at home. looks oh so good. Purvi must have been a happy girl. glad that she enjoyed the party. lotsa love and blessings to her.

  11. I saw the pic on RecipeNewZ and fell in love :-) I love Fererro Rocher, I love Nutella, this candy looks amazing and the recipe sounds just perfect for me! Definitely have to try this. Thank you so much for sharing - you are brilliant!

  12. Be honest.. How many did you have while making them??!? :)) you shouldnt have shown us how easy it is to make these... there's goes diet control out of the window!!!

  13. Happy birthday to Purvi, and congrats to you on this delicious recipe. Those little balls of goodness are one of my secret pleasures. So you know I have to try the recipe. Thanks for sharing:)

  14. Those look divine! What a gorgeousb treat.

    happy Birthday!



  15. Your Ferrero Rocher recipe is absolutely wonderful! Thank you for sharing it on RecipeNewZ! Our viewers loved, so we featured it on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/RecipeNewZ

  16. Very nicely done!

  17. Hope you are in the pink of your health and belated wishes to Purvi!
    I love your mock chocolates... a perfect way to surprise all!

  18. This is so irresistible, and you put my favorite nuts - almonds! Perfect treat that I can give to myself when I behave well.. haha just kidding. I could eat this any time!


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