Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's raining awards again!!!

The past  10 days have been extremely hectic and for me.The weird thing is that, I just can't remember how soon the past week has flown by. That was because my baby sis was with me and I was kinda back to my premarital days. We were having these endless conversations and roaring laughters. There were a 100 games of uno and of course there were a couple of cat fights as well. Guess somethings never change. Thank God for that!!! Amidst all these girlish activities, I never realized how the week sped by and all of a sudden it was time for my sis to leave. Our eyes were filled with unbid tears. The strange thing was even my little one seemed to know that she was leaving and even she began to cry. Departure is indeed a sweet sorrow. 

After all this, it flashed to me that that I have not accepted the versatile blogger award and the Sunshine award that was conferred to me by indian spice magic and Sayali of spicemantra respectively. Thank you for the awards guys. I'm deeply humbled and honored. More than these awards it is the thought behind them that is so touching. Thank you once again.

I know that as per the rules I should be sharing these awards with 10 blogger friends. But I feel that each of my fellow blogger is versatile in their own way and without the versatality, it is not possible to share such amazing recipes. Therefore, I'm sharing these two awards with all my blogger friends. Kudos and thank you to all of you for being such great inspiration. Especially to me.


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