Monday, October 4, 2010

Shaam savera

I had first tasted this dish in a restaurant named Khana Khazana. This curry was so tasty that I came home and immediately googled for this recipe and to my surprise, this dish turned out to be chef Sanjeev kapoor's signature recipe. Isn't this an interesting coincidence? I have made quite a few changes to the original recipe. For instance, the koftas are deep fried in the original recipe where as I have shallow fried the koftas in an appe tawa. I have made quite a few changes to the gravy as well. Inspite of all the changes, the curry came out really well. And it made our saturday night dinner very special. So here goes the recipe for Shaam savera. Try this and I'm sure your lunch or dinner will be special as well.

Shaam savera recipe:
Preparation time: 30 mins
Cooking time- 30 mins

For the koftas:
Spinach- 1 bunch, cleaned and trimmed
Corn flour- 11/2tbspn
Paneer- 1/2 cup
Green chilli-1, chopped fine
Red chilli powder- 1/2 tspn
Salt to taste.
Oil to shallow fry/ to deep fry
For the gravy:
Onion- 1 pureed
Tomato-2 pureed
Cashews- 10-12, soaked and ground to a paste
Red chilli powder- 1 tspn
Garam masala- 1/4 tspn
Ginger- garlic paste- 11/2tspn
Skimmed milk powder- 2-3 tbspn
sugar- 1/2 tspn
Kasoori methi- 1/2tsp
Turmeric-1/4 tspn
Oil- 2tspn
Coriander to garnish
For the seasoning:
Cinnamon- 1"pice, powdered
Clove- 2, powdered
Green chilli-1, slit
Ghee-1 tspn

  • Pressure cook spinach for 1 whistle with very little water. Cool, squeeze out the water and chop fine.
  • Add salt, green chilli and cornflour and mix thoroughly and divide the mixture into six equal portions
  • Add salt and red chilli powder to the paneer mix and divide into six equal portions.
  • Take a portion of the spinach mixture and spread it on your palm.
  • Stuff a portion of the paneer mixture, cover and shape it into a ball. Follow the same procedure for all the spinach and paneer portions.
  • Heat the appe tawa, and shallow fry all the koftas till brown.
  • Drain the koftas and keep aside.
  • For the gravy, heat oil in a wok and add the ginger garlic paste and fry for a min.
  • Add the oinion paste and fry till brown.
  • Add the tomato puree and fry for two more mins.
  • Add the turmeric powder, chillipowder, sugar, salt, garam masala powder and saute for 2 more mins.
  • Add the cashew paste and stir for some more time.
  • Add some water and let the mixture simmer for few more mins.
  • Add the milk powder and kasoori methi and stir for a min more.Remove the mixture from the heat and keep aside.
  • Heat ghee in another pan and add the cinnamon and clove powder.
  • Once it pops, add the green chilli and stir for a min. Add this seasoning to the gravy.
  • Before serving, cut each kofta into half and arrange them in the gravy.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot with rotis.


  1. This recipe looks great, eyecatchy one. Definitely it will look great on the table, bookmarking this and following you :-)

  2. wow awesome recipe dear ...bookmarked ..thankq somuch for sharing ..yummy


  3. Definitely a droolworthy shaam savera, beautiful looking dish dear..

  4. Hi,

    Indeed a beautiful looking dish...Come by and visit me wehn you find time...


  5. New recipe to me but very interesting,thanks for stopping by my place..liked your blog very much,will visit quite often

  6. Beautiful the recipe n the name both..will try it!
    First to your wonderful collection you have..will be here often :)
    do drop by my space sometime.
    US Masala

  7. It looks very yummy...the presentation is too good!!


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