Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eggless dates and almond cake

If anybody had told me that I would be baking a cake 5 years ago, I would have just laughed at them. I was such a novice that I did'nt even know what preheat meant leave alone baking a cake. Even though I have an oven at home, I did not dare to bake anything because I did know if the temperatures were mentioned in centigrade or Fahrenheit.   Funny is'nt it? However, after reading so many eggless cake recipes and after doing a lot of research on ovens, I decided to go ahead and bake this cake.

Even after the batter was put into oven for baking, I was so nervous that I did not allow my little one in the kitchen. I kept peeking into the oven time and again. My joy knew no bounds when the aroma of the cake wafted from the oven. And my heart swelled with pride when I saw the cake rise. When I had to check if the cake was done, I inserted the tooth pick so deep into the cake that it broke. So much for my nervousness.

In the end, I managed to bake the cake. It came out so fantastic that the whole cake was over the same day. For a long time I couldn't believe that I had managed to bake a cake of my own. The recipe is actually from here. It is extremely simple. And the video tutorial gave me the much needed motivation. The Original recipe used walnuts. I have used almonds since I did not have walnuts on hand. I hope you enjoy baking this cake as much as I did.

Eggless dates and almond cake recipe:
Preparation time- 30mins+ Soaking time
Baking time- 35 to 40 mins

Water- 1/4 cup
Almonds- 1/4 cup, blanched peeled and chopped.
condensed milk- 1 can/ 13/4 cup
Unsalted butter- 1stick/ 8tbspn
Baking soda- 11/2 tspn
Baking powder- 1tsp
All purpose flour or maida- 11/4 cup

  • Soak dates in warm water for 1/2 an hour to soften
  • Sift the maida, baking powder and baking soda to a bowl
  • Grind the soaked dates to a fine paste by adding as little water as possible
  • Melt the butter in a pan and add the butter to the maida, baking powder and baking soda mixture.
  • Add the dates paste and condensed milk and mix well.
  • Fold in the chopped almonds and mix again.
  • Grease a baking pan and pour the batter in it.
  • Bake in a pre- heated oven (180 centigrade) for 35-40 mins or till a tooth pick inserted comes out clean.
  • Once done, take the cake out and allow it to stand for 5 mins before taking it out of the pan.


  1. Cake looks very tempting and inviting.

  2. wow cake looks so soft n delicious this eggless version doubt how come u got such a beautiful color without using cocoa powder??beacuse of dats ??...wonderful recipe


  3. thats a super moist cake and am drooling at the rich bright colour. divine.

  4. Thanx for the lovely comments guys!!

    Hi Satya,

    The color of the cake largely depends upon the color of the dates. The darker the dates the darker will be the cake :)

  5. Super moist and droolworthy cake, very tempting..

  6. Hi Dear,
    Thanks for dropping by by blog. I am glad you liked it.
    You have a wonderful space. It is a great balance of good food, writeup and lovely clicks.
    Keep the creative juices flowing .....

    Cheers n Happy Cooking,

  7. this is an awesome cake...the color is outstanding....

  8. looks great...mouth watering...yummy...just wanted to knw what is the difference betn baking soda and baking powder??should we use both??is it maida or corn flour that u r mentioning???thank u....

  9. waav its great....mouth watering...yummy....just wanted to ask whats the difference betn baking soda and powder???and is it the corn flour that u mentioned???thank u....

  10. Hey Samatha,

    thanks for visiting my space. Baking soda is the regular bicarbonate of soda. Where as baking powder is Baking powder is a mixture of baking soda and an acid, in powdered form, that combine in liquid to create the same reaction. However, baking powder cannot replace baking soda as it will alter the taste, texture and colour. I have used maida in the cake. Do wite back to me if you have any queries :)


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